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    James Lactao
    Education/Special Education
    University of Asia and the Pacific
    University of the Philippines
    Research Summary

    I have done initial work on the perspective of university students on their mentors. From this study, the see their mentors as a compass (who gives them direction, helps them find their destination), a chisel (who helps them form or develop certain skills - such as decision making skills, time management, etc.), and a mirror (who helps them see themselves as they are - the way they think, how they make decisions, etc.). I am interested to do further research on mentoring here in the Philippines.

    Biographical Info

    James L. Lactao is Vice Director of the Center for Student Affairs, and former Head of the Office of Student Mentoring, Guidance & Counseling at the University of Asia & the Pacific (UA&P). He has been a teacher & mentor for almost 20 years, & has recently been conducting mentor trainings for teachers, NGO personnel &medical doctors. In July 2018, he was the Head of the Scientific Committee of the 1st International Mentoring Conference held in Pasig City, Philippines. He organized the 1st National Conference on Youth Mentoring in the Philippines in 2013. He has helped develop the mentor training modules in UA&P.

    Prior to his work in the university, he was Director of Lantaka Boys Club for almost a decade, & has served as Camp Director of several Lantaka Summer Camps. He was a teacher, guidance counselor, & mentor at PAREF Northfield School for Boys. He has done hundreds of hours of volunteer work in helping underprivileged kids through academic tutorials, & training of volunteer tutors. He has provided psychosocial support to children & adult victims of typhoons in his country. He has organized visits to the sick & the elderly with the help of some college students.

    He is currently studying at the University of the Philippines, taking up PhD in Education, major in Educational Psychology.

    Keywords: mentoring, educational psychology, education
    Beng Yong Lim

    Social Work

    James Lovejoy
    Omega PSI PHI Fraternity - Sigma PHI CHAPTER
    Graduate Fraternity Youth Mentoring Program
    Research Summary


    2017 Masters of Liberal Arts, Excelsior College, Albany, NY
    2003 Bachelor of Science, Multi-Disciplinary Studies, Excelsior College, Albany, NY
    1996 Associates Degree in General Studies, Campbell University, Buies Creek, NC
    1998 NCO Advance Course, Ft Gordon, GA
    1990 Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course, Ft. Gordon, GA
    1984 Primary Leadership Development Course, Ft Sill, OK
    1981 Wiesbaden High School, Germany


    • Keeper of Peace (2014-Present)
    • Sigma Phi Chapter Housing Authority Chairman
    • Omega Sparks Co-Chair
    • Lead the Housing Committee team in the purchase of 3 properties with value of $75,000.00
    • Coordinated partnership with KOKOON Tiny/Affordable Homes for the Homeless Veterans.

    • Volunteered as sentry for the memorial service of Brothers who entered Omega Chapter
    • Active fraternity member; supported numerous fraternity programs/fundraisers—morale boosting activities enjoyed by all
    o Adopt-A-Mile roadside clean up
    o MACH – Mid-Alabama Coalition for Homeless
    o Turkey Give away for Seniors
    o Vet to Vet
    o Bike give away for Homeless Veterans
    o Point of Count for Homeless Veterans in Capital City of Montgomery
    • Committed volunteer, reading to local school children--enhanced fraternity & community relations
    • Organized and participated in uplift visits of sick and shut in Brothers:
    o Bro Leon Williams ’46; eldest Omega Brother in Sigma Phi Chapter
    o Bro Charles Pinkston ’89 (Tuskegee Veterans Nursing Home)
    o Bro Ernest Salter


    • Certified Basketball Official – High School/College/ABA
    • Member of:
    o National Association for Black Veterans, Inc. (NABVETS)

    Biographical Info

    Brother James E. Lovejoy was born in Wetumpka, Alabama as the only son to Mr. Clifton and Magnolia (deceased) Lovejoy. He entered the United States Army in July 1984 to 2005 (Retired). He served as a: First Sergeant, Telecommunications Operations Chief, and Signal Support Systems Specialist. His Army career included tours of duty in: Germany, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Washington State, North Carolina, and Korea. Brother Lovejoy served honorably for 20 years before retiring. Follow up with Government Contracting from 2005 to 2013 in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    He is a Consulting for Bio Intel Trust. Service Disabled Owned Small Business. Specializing as advisor for Physician Dispensing Program. Part time contractor for CLGT Solutions LLC. As a Linguistic Site Manager. Both positions afford him the opportunity to help support the Armed Forces.

    Brother Lovejoy resides in Pike Road, Alabama with his wife Crystal (Retired Air Force), and two of their eight children; Kaylynn (student ASU- Stingett), and Kaderra; (student AUM). He is also the proud grandfather of four grandchildren: Quincy, Akira, Jaxon and Weston. 1 God son; Emmitt.

    He is an active member and Deacon at True Word of Life Church, Montgomery, Alabama. He assists with the Transportation, Food Bank, Youth and Outreach local nursing home and barber shop ministries and renovations.

    Brother Lovejoy has an exceptional level of commitment to church, family, job, and his fraternity; Omega Psi Phi Inc., Sigma Phi Chapter.

    John Lyons
    Education/Special Education
    Director of Institutional Research and Assessment
    NYU Steinhardt
    Matthias Mader
    Education/Special Education

    University of Regensburg
    World Giftedness Center, Global Talent Mentoring Hub
    Ellen Mahoney
    Education/Special Education
    Sea Change Mentoring
    The Circulus Institute
    Sea Change Mentoring
    Brenda Marina
    Education/Special Education
    Retired Professor/Administrator of Higher Education Administration
    International Mentoring Association
    Research Summary

    Intersectionality and Women in Education: Narrative Inquiry on women of diverse backgrounds in
    Education, 2010 to present

    Global/International Education Issues & Policies for 21st Century Teaching & Learning, 2009 – 2011

    Women in Leadership: The Marilyn Munster Syndrome, The Professional Victim Syndrome,
    2007 – present
    Marina, B. L. H, & Ross, S. (2016) Beyond Retention: Cultivating spaces of equity, justice, and fairness for women of color in u.s. higher education. Research for Social Justice: Personal~ Passionate~ Participatory Inquiry Book Series. Charlotte: Information Age Publishing (IAP).

    Marina, B. L. H. (2015) Mentoring away the glass ceiling in academia: A cultured critique. Lanham:
    Lexington Books.
    Khanare, F. P. & Marina, B. L. H. (2019),Transformative Female Voices in Rural South African Schools: An
    Asset-Based Perspective. In S. Sunal and K. Mutua (Eds.), Transforming Public Education in Africa,
    the Caribbean, and the Middle East. Charlotte: Information Age Publishing (IAP).
    Marina, B. L. H. (2019), Social conceptions and the angst of mentoring women of diverse backgrounds in
    higher education. In S.Y. Evans, A. Domingue, and T. Mitchell (Ed.), Black Women and
    Social Justice: Legacies and Lessons. Albany: SUNY Press.
    Marina, B. L. H., Academe’s glass ceiling: A critical analysis. In C. P. Gause (Ed.), Leadership, Equity,
    and Social Justice in American Higher Education--A Reader. New York: Peter Lang, In Press
    Marina, B. L. H., Robinson, K., Ross, S., (2016).Voice(s) unsilenced. In T. Marsh, N. Croom (Ed.),
    Envisioning a Critical Race Praxis for Leadership: Critical Race Counter-Stories
    Across the P-20

    Biographical Info

    Brenda L. H. Marina, Ph.D., is a retired higher education leadership educator. She served as an associate dean for the division of academic affairs at Baltimore City Community College and has served as an associate professor, teaching graduate courses in educational leadership and higher education administration at Georgia Southern University. Dr. Marina has been a board member for the International Mentoring Association (IMA) since 2013 and a general member since 2004. She is a peer reviewer for the International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching in Education and the International Business and Economics Research Journal. Dr. Marina has published book chapters related to identity development for female students of color, religiosity and spirituality in leadership programs, managing diversity in workplaces and society, as well as journal articles on cultural competence and the glass ceiling. She recently published books entitled Beyond Retention: Cultivating Spaces of Equity, Justice, and Fairness for Women of Color in U.S. Higher Education and Mentoring Away the Glass Ceiling in Academe: A Cultured Critique. Her scholarship continues to explore women in leadership, mentoring for leadership, multicultural competence in higher education, and global education issues from a womanist perspective.

    Claudia Marino
    Postdoctoral Fellow
    University of Padova
    Biographical Info

    Dr Claudia Marino earned her PhD in Psychology at the University of Padova, Italy.
    She is currently Research Fellow at Department of Developmental and Social Psychology at the University of Padova, Italy. She is visiting researcher at the Centre for Addictive Behaviours Research, London South Bank University, UK.
    Her main research interests include: evaluation of metoring programs, problematic Internet use, risky behaviours, and well-being in adolescence and young adulthood.

    Elena Marta
    Faculty Member
    Professor, Ph.D.
    Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
    Department of Psychology - Research Center
    Research Summary

    - Social Action: volunteerism, political and civic engagement, immigration and volunteerism
    - Mentoring
    - Transition to adulthood - adolescence and emerging adulthood: risk behaviours, especially alcool use and abuse; family intergenerational relationships; Mobility
    - Planning and evaluation of Community programms
    - Recovery

    Biographical Info

    - Full Professor of Social and Community Psychology (since 2007) - Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Milano and Brescia
    - Director Lab of Applied Social Psychology- Faculty of Psychology - Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Milano
    - Coordinator Bachelor's degree in Psychology- Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Brescia
    - President of Italian Association of Community Psychology (since 2012)

    Master Degree in Philosophy (Catholic University, Milan, 1986)
    Master Degree in Psychology (Catholic University, Milan, 1989)
    Ph. D. in Social and Developmental Psychology (Catholic University, Milan, 1994)

    Dea Marx
    Education/Special Education
    Sr. Coordinator of Student Success PRO Roos
    Research Summary

    Research is focused on mentoring women for leadership, Latinx students in both undergraduate and graduate levels, culturally sustaining mentorship, and multifaceted mentoring communities.

    Tiana Massaquoi
    Anthropology, Ethnography, Public/Social Policy, Sociology
    Principal Consultant
    Finding Dreams Consulting
    Frederick County Teen Coalition
    Barbara Mirkovic
    Graduate Student
    Applied Sciences, Psychology, Sociology
    PhD student
    UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, NUI Galway
    UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, NUI Galway
    Research Summary

    Interested in the interdisciplinary approach to the area of development in context, especially supportive relationships and community programs that influence positive youth development. Currently doing a PhD around natural mentoring relationships and their significance for Irish and Croatian youth. Methodologically I have an interest in participatory research and mixed-methods design.

    Biographical Info

    I'm a PhD student of Child and Youth Research since September 2018 at UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre (NUI Galway, Ireland). Here I'm working as a research and teaching assistant with frequent collaboration with the Counselling service for students and the Career Development Centre.
    I have a bachelor's degree and a research master's degree in Psychology from the Catholic University of Croatia, in Zagreb. During my education, I contributed to the work of different community programs concerning education and mentoring of children and young people.

    Johanna Moilanen
    Postdoctoral Fellow
    Public/Social Policy, Social Work, Sociology
    Senior lecturer
    Unversity of Jyväskylä
    Sara Moore
    Faculty Member

    David Moss
    Faculty Member
    Education/Special Education, Other
    Associate Professor of Communication Studies
    Mt. San Jacinto College
    Research Summary

    My research pertains to examining various aspects of faculty mentoring in higher education. My dissertation was "ONLINE FACULTY SATISFACTION WITH FORMAL AND INFORMAL FACULTY MENTORING AT COMMUNITY COLLEGES". Currently I am part of a task force for having developed and implemented a formal mentoring program for the college I work at. I am conducting research to measure the level of satisfaction with this program and examining variable such as pairing/matching, multiple mentoring, e-mentoring, etc...

    Biographical Info

    David Moss is currently a full-time instructor at the Menifee Valley Campus and co-chair of the Communication Studies department. He gets involved in such things as developing curriculum, working on the Occupational Internship program, and other miscellaneous items pertaining to the college. He teaches a combination of both face-to-face and online courses and is always adding new technology or ideas to his curriculum. David received his doctorate in education from Capella University. Some of his research interests lie in faculty mentoring in the distance learning environment. Because of his background in communication he is interested as to how mentors and mentees interact online.

    Chi Ng

    Anh Nguyen
    Education/Special Education, Public/Social Policy, Other
    University of Pennsylvania
    Victor Nnadozie
    Graduate Student
    Education/Special Education
    University of Fort Hare
    Faculty of Education
    Research Summary

    Donald Schon, writing about the reflective practitioner, posits that “when a practitioner reflects in and on his practice ... he may reflect on the tacit norms and appreciations which underlies a judgement, or on the strategies and theories implicit in a pattern of behaviour. He may reflect on the feeling for a situation which has led him to adopt a particular course of action, on the way in which he has framed the problem he is trying to solve, or on the role he has constructed for himself within a larger institutional context... then... may surface and criticise his initial understanding of the phenomenon, construct a new description of it... and sometimes arrives at a new theory of the phenomenon...” (Schön, 1983, p. 63). As an Academic Development practitioner responsible for coordinating teaching and learning practices through overseeing the implementation of policy stipulated academic monitoring and support programmes and initiatives in a major research-led university in South Africa, Schon’s sentiments speak true to my daily trepidations on the job. I assume, I fervently bolt in these assertions in my intuitions and forethoughts; creating the reflectivity that guides my working under pressures. These are pressures that demanded intricate balancing act between institutionally derived ‘wisdoms’ and imperatives on the one hand, and the realities of lived experiences in terms of mediation of staff and students’ enactment of the teaching and learning practices. Stepping beyond what Schon identified as ‘kind of knowing in practice’, which require capacity for reflection on practitioner ‘intuitive knowing in the midst of action’ (Schön, 1983, p. 8-9), my current research

    Biographical Info

    Victor Nnadozie has worked for Teaching and Learning Office in the University of KwaZulu-Natal since 2014. He held positions that included University Researcher and Coordinator for academic development and academic monitoring and support services in the College of Humanities. He was the Administrator and provided editorial assistance for the 2014 Special Edition of Alternation Journal of the University of KwaZulu-Natal. He has served in several University committees as: i) member of the team that worked on the University Quality Enhancement Report and as a member of steering committee for the Teaching and Learning Higher Education Conference (TLHEC) 2014. He was also a member of Strategy Committee for the Academic Monitoring and Support (AMS) Research Colloquium for 2016 and 2017. In addition, Victor has been a member of the College Teaching and Learning Unit Committees and exam boards. Before joining the University of KwaZulu-Natal, he worked with the Citizens Advice Bureau for East and Central Northamptonshire in the United Kingdom and taught in several colleges in London. His membership of Educational Development and Professional bodies include as member of the South African Association of Institutional Researchers (SAAIR), the South African Education Research Association (SAERA), and the London International Development Centre (LIDC). He was a Fellow of the Royal College of Teachers (FCoLT) and Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) among others. Victor received several teaching and learning awards in recognition for his contribution to promoting academic monitoring and support and enhancing academic excellence and students’ experience through mentoring support. He has publishe

    Vijay Paralkar
    Graduate Student
    Education/Special Education
    PhD candidate
    Miami University
    Research Summary

    Mentoring for deep and life long learning

    Biographical Info

    Mentoring for deep learning is my passion, which I realised from my own experiences in education, career, and life.

    Andrew Parker
    Faculty Member
    Andrew Parker Consulting Ltd
    Ridley Hall Theological College Cambridge
    Rick Paswaters
    Faculty Member
    Education/Special Education
    Valor Christian High School
    Concordia University, Portland
    Research Summary

    Doctoral E.D.D. student researching effective mentoring relationships and practices for musically talented high school students.

    Biographical Info

    High School music teacher at a private Christian school with an arts Conservatory program.

    Detlef Pech
    Faculty Member
    Education/Special Education
    Prof. Dr.
    Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
    Institut für Erziehungswissenschaften
    Sachunterricht und seine Didaktik an der HU Berlin
    Research Summary

    Mentoring in primary school education, Learning about politics and history in primary school

    Biographical Info

    Full-professorship at Humboldt university for „General Studies in Primary School“ (Sachunterricht), Director of the Professional School of Education

    Joao Perre Viana
    Founder and Pioneer of Walking Mentorship
    Walking Mentorship
    EADA Barcelona
    Walking Mentorship
    Research Summary

    My research interests combine mentoring activity with outdoor learning settings. I have developed a methodology named Survival Kit, based on visual thinking, that allows an individual to continuously self-develop supported by exercises in an environment where the mentoring happened always supported by walking and nature.

    My continuous exploration has been moving around the possibility of developing scientific evidence that a process of future self-authoring can be implemented consistently in walking mentoring programs.

    In parallel, I am also interested in analyzing the influence of the walking activity in nature to support the process versus the utilization of other life self-authoring approaches that do not use such tools.

    Biographical Info

    Founder and Pioneer of Walking Mentorship. Combining walking in nature with individual and Group Mentoring. A tool to inspire and motivate individual change and impact organizations from within. João considers himself a citizen of the world, as he was born in Portugal, finished high school in the U.S., and completed his MBA in Belgium in 2003. His first senior management appointment took him to Central Asia (Kazakhstan), then to Eastern Europe (Ukraine) and finally Africa (Angola and Mozambique).

    Throughout his personal and professional life, he has acquired extensive experience as a business mentor in multinationals, accelerators, incubators, and corporate programmes. In 2014, he launched the Walking Mentorship, an innovative project 20 years in the making. Walking Mentorship consists of a philosophy of self-development with a methodology based on different mentoring formats, connecting walking, and direct contact with nature.

    João is an advisory board member in different organizations. A guest lecturer at EADA in Barcelona and Lviv Business School in Ukraine. João his also an Associate Mentor of the International Mentor Network.

    Bringing 15+ years of mentoring experience at the international level, João has a strong focus on Change Management, Business Transformation, and Personal Development.

    Nancy Phenis-Bourke Ed.D
    Education/Special Education
    Executive Director
    International Mentoring Association
    Research Summary

    Dissertation: National Association of Elementary Principals Principal Mentor Program

    Biographical Info

    Dr. Nancy Phenis-Bourke
    A veteran principal, Nancy Phenis-Bourke uses her experience and expertise as a consultant/facilitator/coach with local, national, and international organizations. Principal mentor program accreditation, program sustainability, professional development, live-long learning and organizational leadership are embedded in Nancy’s passion for working with principals, students, and employees. Nancy was instrumental in developing a 2018 Summer Leadership Academy and Expo for 25 non-profit agencies.

    She continues to be a global traveler, culinary arts trainee, certified Level II Ikebono designer, avid golfer, and yoga guru. All which sustain Nancy’s everyday life of learning and living while maintaining families in Colorado, Illinois, and Oregon.
    Nancy and her husband serve on several local community non-profit boards in Indiana and Florida. Nancy’s serves as a board member with The Center for Educational Improvement and is President/CEO of the International Mentoring Association overseeing the mission and the vision.

    William Polite
    Graduate Student
    Education/Special Education
    Director of Equity, Diversity & Accountability
    Wichita Public Schools
    Liberty University
    Cyanea Poon
    Graduate Student
    PhD student in Clinical Psychology
    University of Massachusetts Boston
    Center for Evidence Based Mentoring
    Biographical Info

    Cyanea is a graduate student at UMass Boston’s Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she graduated with a BA in psychology from Wheaton College in 2016. While there, she also earned a certificate in Human Needs and Global Resources for her research with trauma-exposed youths in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Cyanea is passionate about engaging with vulnerable communities and has collaborated with NGOs evaluating youth programs in Cambodia, China and Ghana. Cyanea is interested in studying how support networks and non-parental adults affect developmental trajectories of at-risk youth. In the long term, she hopes to develop interventions that can increase youths’ social capital in the Majority World.

    Justin Preston
    Graduate Student
    Psychology, Public/Social Policy
    Graduate Student
    University of Massachusetts Boston
    Clinical Psychology
    Òscar Prieto-Flores
    Faculty Member
    Public/Social Policy, Sociology
    Associate Professor
    University of Girona
    APPlying Mentoring
    Research Summary

    He is Principal Investigator of the RECERCAIXA grant "APPlying Mentoring: Social and Technological Innovations for the Social Inclusion of Immigrants and Refugees". The aim of this multidisciplinary research is to assess the impact of three mentoring programs targeting migrants and refugees at different stages of the lifespan: immigrant and refugee adolescents, unaccompanied immigrant youth in their transition to adulthood and refugee adults who are settling down in Europe. He is also interested on how mentoring relationships promote benefits to mentors, specially on intercultural competence and racial literacy. Prieto-Flores is member of the European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring and of the Global Youth Mentoring Network.

    Biographical Info

    Òscar Prieto-Flores is an associate professor at the University of Girona (Spain). He obtained his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Barcelona in 2007 and was Visiting Scholar in 2006 of the Center for Migration and Development at Princeton University and in 2012 of the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity at Stanford University and the Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring at UMASS Boston in 2017. He is currently studying what paths lead students of ethnic and immigrant background in Europe on a college track. At the same time, he coordinates with his friend and colleague, Jordi Feu, the Nightingale at the University of Girona, a mentoring program with children and youth of immigrant background.

    Rebecca Lynn Radlick
    Postdoctoral Fellow
    Public/Social Policy
    NORCE Norwegian Research Centre
    Research Summary

    Currently working with the project “Resiliency at work by and for young people: Digital innovations that promote social inclusion, health, and employment” in cooperation with The Center for Shared Decision-Making and Collaboration Research (Oslo University Hospital). As part of this project I am leading a pilot study which will assess the implementation of a digitally enhanced mentoring program for multicultural youth.

    Biographical Info

    Rebecca Lynn Radlick has a PhD in Administration and Organization Theory from the University of Bergen, Norway (2018). Her doctoral dissertation examined the implementation of the Norwegian integration program for newly arrived refugees.

    Laleh Raeisy
    Graduate Student
    PhD Candidate
    Shiraz University
    TU Dresden