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    Carlos Abad
    Chief Vision Officer
    Be Great Project
    The Be Great Project
    Research Summary

    My goal is to test if Small Group Life Coaching can be an effective way for young people to develop life skills. If this format proves to be effective it would provide that a valuable service (Life Coaching) could be delivered at a significantly reduced cost. The group meets virtually on a weekly basis and I meet with them individually in between meetings. Group meetings are highly interactive and meant to focus on having deep discussions on topics such as Growth Mindest, Effective Communication, Helping Others, and Current Affairs. One on one meetings are focused on goal setting, goal attainment, accountability, and addressing any life issues that might arise.

    Biographical Info

    I am a 53-year-old father of 3 daughters in their 30's and have been actively mentoring young adults for the past 6 years. My background is eclectic but a significant part of my time has been focused on for-profit entrepreneurship. At the end of 2019, I sold my financial planning practice so that I could dedicate myself to doing my part to make the world a better place. In May of 2019, I started to test pilot a program that involves small group (5-6 young people) life coaching for young adults.

    Lola Adeyemi
    Mentoring Her
    Mentoring Her
    Olumuyiwa Akande
    Faculty Member
    Education/Special Education, Other
    University of Ibadan
    Centre for Sustainable Development,Tourism and Development Programme
    Research Summary

    I am working on Tourism Development and Administration with keen interests in Cultural Tourism and Indigenous Innovation.

    Biographical Info

    I am a Lecturer and researcher in Tourism Development. I have degrees in Theatre Arts with PhD in Tourism Development and Administration as my research focus.

    Xavier Alarcon
    Graduate Student
    Social Work
    Graduate student
    University of Girona
    Research Summary

    Since 2015 I have been involved in mentoring programs which are focused on migrating and young population. For this reason, I am interested in life courses and young foreign people. Also, the research that I am developing revolves around this topic and covers the same population group.
    Because of my studies and work experience I have been interested in the mentoring impact since I started to be close of this social intervention methodology. Nowadays, I am working with unaccompanied minors or foreign young people that are turning 18 in Spain. When they turn 18, they start an inconsistent route with a lot of challenges to obtain a viable future because of the lack of institutional and social support. We have been following them up for seven months to see the challenges they face, especially regarding with their psychological distress and wellbeing in this stage of their life. Our initial hypothesis was that the more support they have, the better for them in defining, readjusting and retaking their educational and occupational trajectories in the new country. Moreover, we also see how the absence or presence of formal and informal mentoring relationships could have an impact in this critical moment of their life course.
    For me, being close of these processes is interesting, but also, I think that the results could have implications for the Administration, practitioners and immigrant organizations in identifying their needs and how to provide effective networks of support, which I think is the most powerful thing. Cooperate on the development of a mentoring apprenticeship community.

    Biographical Info

    I finished my bachelor’s degree studies on Social Work in Universitat Rovira i Virigli at 2016. After that I was studying a master’s degree on Youth and Society which was coordinated by the University of Girona but involved several Catalonian Universities with expertise on youth policies, youth communication or research on becoming adult and life courses.
    My first experience on mentoring was as a mentor in a Nightingale program conducted by “Quilòmetre Zero” (a social association which develops this program in Tarragona). After that, I began to work on monitoring mentoring relationships in the same entity during 2016. The next year I was working in the same professional role in a mentoring program with refugee mentees, a program coordinated by the Catalan Government. This program was the first experience in Spain on groups of mentoring.
    Nowadays, I am working as a researcher at the University of Girona. My work is focused on developing a common evaluation frame for the Spanish mentoring programs. This research is named Applying Mentoring. Also, I am a PhD candidate in the same university, and I am starting a research that pretends to shed some light about the situation of former unaccompanied minors who are turning 18 and becoming legally adults in Spain. At the same time, I continue giving support like trainer to different social entities that are using mentoring as a social intervention methodology.

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